Fall 2021 -85% Stat Winners


Women's Softcourt League
85% Stat Winners Fall 2021

Level 2.5
**Caitlin Bolt BHRC Doubles
**Rachel Green Old Overton Club Doubles
**Anne McCarley Old Overton Club Singles & Doubles
##Kristin Whitehurst Inverness Singles

Level 3.0
++Jana Brower BHRC Singles
**Abbey West (up to 4.5) Old Overton Club Singles & Doubles

Level 3.5
**Megan Henig Vestavia CC Singles

Level 4.0
**Kristen Hjorth Old Overton Club Singles
##Maloree McDonough Mountain Brook YMCA Singles

Level 4.5
++Allyson Herritt Greystone CC Singles
**Sue Willis Vestavia CC Singles
++Ashley Wood Inverness Singles

Levle 5.0
++Suzette Pflaum Greystone CC Singles
**Mallie Whatley Mountain Brook Club Singles

Level 5.3
++Julie Blount Mountain Brook Club Singles & Doubles
++Tracy Hayden Old Overton Club Doubles

Level 5.5
Suzie McCullough Mountain Brook Club Doubles
Carlee Petro Pine Tree Singles & Doubles
Charlotte Ann Wells Pine Tree Doubles

** Player will move up to next level
++Player will stay at current level and must play #1 position
## Player is not on a team this season.