2023 Spring Season Kickoff Letter to Club Reps



Hello to all Club Reps!
It’s time to register for Spring Soft Court Season. Please read this entire letter, there is important
information below.

A $70 late fee applies if the fees & forms are not received by February 1st
A $70 late fee applies if team rosters not entered on website by February 1st

SPRING Season Kickoff Meeting- Thursday, Feb 16th 9:30 AM Mountain Brook Club
Email RSVP by Feb 3rd to cspeake1@gmail.com

(This mtg for Level Coordinators, Club Reps and Officers) You must send
another person in your place if you cannot come. Please email the person’s name to me before the
meeting. This person cannot be someone already coming to the meeting.

Important Information:

1. The fee per team is $70.00 and must be included with your enrollment form. All checks need to be
made payable to Women’s Softcourt League. The enrollment form is attached.
Please send form and
your checks to:

Julie Cundiff
2624 Altadena Park Circle
Birmingham, AL 35243

2. Registration is now open through February 1st. Please pass this information on to your Club Pro. The
responsibility of registering teams ultimately lies on the shoulders of the Club Rep. Club Reps, please take
note of this - even if you delegate some or part of this job to your pro or captains. YOU are responsible
for making sure that all rosters for your teams are entered by February 1st. You can access directions on
the website under rules and forms. The Reps must enter the teams onto the website before the captains
will be able to get into the website and build their rosters. Your club ID number will remain the same and
the website will assign a new ID number for each team. Please make sure you take note of that number
as they change each season. All teams must have a minimum of 8 players and may have a maximum of
16. Each Captain must have a valid cell number and email address online. Please do not use club numbers
or club emails for Captains.

3. PLEASE make sure all players at your Club are dues paying members of your Club in order to
participate. If they are an employee or the wife of an employee of her club, the player will need a letter
from that club’s manager/owner verifying that the player has club/member privileges. Please email the
letter to me by the start of the Spring Season – March 6. Any questions about this can be directed to me.

4. A copy of the players who made their stats in the Fall 2022 season is attached. Please ensure that they
are moved to their appropriate rosters. Also, if a player opts to stay at their current level, they must play
the #1 position on whichever (Singles and/or Doubles) they made stats. For those players who are staying
and sitting out playing singles or doubles because of making their stats, please place them on the number
5 or 6 position of the Strength Roster.

5. If you have any business or items for the agenda, please email me as soon as possible, so that it can be added to the agenda. I will do my best to keep the meeting to 1 hour.

6. Spring Season will begin Monday, March 6, 2023

7. Please make sure you adhere to our court availability rules when completing your enrollment forms. If you have 2 teams playing on the same day-you must have 4 courts, 3 teams - you must have 8 courts, etc. Also remember to take into consideration any other leagues that may be playing as well. You must list your exceptions on your forms in order to have them considered for scheduling. If you have any questions about this, please email Julie (drewandjulie@me.com) or me (cspeake1@gmail.com), we will do our best to help you.

8. The Ethics Board would appreciate receiving all move down requests before the start of the season, March 6, 2023.

9. The updated Match Day Helper is attached -- please give it to EVERY Captain. Also, have Captains review the updated Rule Book. It is on the WSL Website, ignorance of the Rules is no excuse. The Level Coordinators can help in almost all situations. Make sure each captain knows how to contact their LC.

Our focus this season is on kindness and integrity. We are looking forward to a pleasant season ahead. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you are no longer the Club Rep, please let me know who is so I can update my files.
Thank you,
Cindy Speake
2023 Women’s Softcourt League cspeake1@gmail.com

Julie Cundiff Samantha Ebert Melody DeBardelaben Janet Simonetti
Level Coordinators