WSL 2023 Spring General Meeting Minutes


Women’s Softcourt League of Birmingham Spring General Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2023

The Women’s Softcourt League of Birmingham held the Spring General Meeting on Thursday, February 16, 2023 at 9:30 am at Mountain Brook Club.

All Club Representatives were present or represented. The Greystone YMCA Club Representative did not stay for the formal meeting. All Level Coordinators were present except Level 4.0. All 5 Officers were present. There were 27 Members in attendance for the formal meeting including officers.

President, Cindy Speake, welcomed everyone to the meeting, introduced the officers and called the meeting to order.

Samantha Ebert, Secretary, called roll and asked if there was a motion to approve the minutes from the Fall 2022 Meeting as posted on the WSL website. A Motion was made to accept minutes by Janet Simonetti, seconded by Betty Austin and approved unanimously.

Melody DeBardelaben, Treasurer, presented the Financial Report. Beginning Balance Fall 2022 Season $11,700.40. Total Expenses were $10,267.40 (Executive Meetings $171.86, Fall 2022 Meeting $549.12, Spring Prizes $5,000, LETT Donation 2022 $3,000, Printing/supplies $32.37, Website Upgrades $1,514.05.) Income: Spring 2023 Team Fees Collected (110 x $70) $7,700. Cash Balance 2/16/2023 is $9,133. The LETT donation is made in the Fall of every year. A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Licky Randolph, seconded by Lavonda Keel, and approved unanimously.

Cindy Speake, President, announced winners and the runner’s up for the Fall 2022 Season. Only rostered players who played at least one match will receive a prize. Prizes are gift cards to Player’s Choice tennis shop.

Julie Cundiff, Vice-President, reported that there are 110 teams, 1,265 players, and 8 levels with 2 divisions for 3.0 and 4.0. The schedules are posted on the WSL website and are final. The Spring Season will begin on Monday, March 6, 2023 and end the week of May 12th, 2023, please note that all makeup matches must be completed by the following week.

Julie reminded Club Representatives that Strength Rosters must be in by midnight the night before league play, even if the team's first match is a bye. Everyone on the team roster must be listed on the Strength Roster for both singles and doubles; every court must have players listed on them (minimum of 2 per doubles court). If a player is sitting out the season due to stats, list the player as “Not Eligible to Play” on the Strength Roster. The “Not Eligible” category is new this season.

Julie reminded attendees about rescheduling for weather and consequences for not playing a match. Level Coordinators must inform all Captains how rescheduling works and the consequences. If 1 hour prior to the match the home courts are not playable, the visiting team should offer their courts if they are playable. All rain out dates are to be scheduled within 24 hours. Captains should try to work things out themselves and contact the LC if there are issues.

New Business
● Cindy Speake, President, announced the 2022 Stat Winners. 28 players made their stats:
Singles 6; Doubles-21 (excludes 5.5), 25 are moving up, 3 are staying at their current level but must play #1.
● There were 81 MDR in 2022, 18 MDR so far for the Spring 2023 season.
● Cindy encouraged Level Coordinators to ask the Captains to let players know that the Rule Book and Match Day Helper are available on the WSL Website without even having to sign on. The Match Day Helper is also in the Rule Book.
● USTA tournaments do not trump Soft Court matches. Communication between Team Captains should begin as soon as possible. You only need 3 players to constitute a match– playing 3 singles and 1 doubles. There is absolutely no reason to forfeit a match.

Cindy introduced Level Coordinators and had them stand.

Cindy Speake, directed all attendee’s attention to the PROPOSED RULES and POLICY CHANGES. Samantha Ebert read the proposed changes. After discussion of each rule/policy, the attendees voted by hand on each proposed change. Results as follows:
1. Proposal: Move Down Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the start of each season. If a player sat out the previous season, they may submit MDR at any time.
Kelli Jetmundsen made a motion to approve, seconded by Lavonda Keel. PASSED unanimously.

2.Proposal: Reword a proposal from the Fall 2022 meeting that did not pass. Proposed last Fall: If a team drops out in mid-season or if a team forfeits 1 match, then all the matches for that team will not be counted for the season. The forfeiting team will not be allowed to play the remaining matches. If a team forfeits a match, then their club will not be allowed to field a team on that level the next season.

NEW Proposal: If a team drops out mid-season, then all matches are forfeited. If a team forfeits one match, the forfeiting team’s season is concluded.
-Glenda Bourdreaux made a motion to reword the proposal above to, “If a team forfeits a match, then rostered players on that team, cannot play next season.” Betty Austin seconded the motion. The rule proposal did NOT PASS. All 27 present voted No.
-Betty Austin made a motion to reword the proposal above to, “If a team forfeits a match, all rostered players on that team, forfeit the remainder of the season and cannot play next season at any club. The facility needs to be notified prior to the forfeit and all rostered players. ” Betty withdrew the motion.
-Cindy Speake read the LITL Rule Book wording. “
If a team drops out in mid-season or if a team forfeits one match, then all the matches for that team will not be counted for the season. The forfeiting team will not be allowed to play the remaining matches. If a team forfeits a match the team members and captain are subject to sitting out the next season.” Glenda Boudreaux made a motion to vote on the LITL Rule, Betty Austin seconded the motion. Yes-7 No-20
The proposal did NOT PASS.
-Meg Sullivan made a motion to vote on the proposal as presented above, Romona Cunningham seconded. The proposal did NOT PASS with 2⁄3 quorum.
Yes-16 No-11
-Kim Payne made a motion to reword the presented proposal, “If a Captain of a team forfeits a match, then that Captain is not allowed to play Women’s Softcourt League with any team for the remainder of that season and the next 2 seasons (1 year).” Mechelle Crosswhite seconded the motion. The motion PASSED
Yes- 20 No-5

Teams forfeited matches 2 times during the 2022 Fall Season. We are hoping that this will eliminate any future forfeiting of matches.

3. Proposed Fall 2022: Reduce match play format to 2 courts Singles for levels 4.0 and up
The Executive Board has decided to form a TASK FORCE to look at needs and match format options. As Past- President, Janet Simonetti has agreed to head this Task Force. We would like to have 9 WSL members representing various clubs. Results to be reported at the Fall 2023 meeting. If you are interested in serving on this or know of someone who would like to serve, please meet with Janet at the end of this meeting.


1. Soft roll-out of WSL online lineup exchange and score entering using the 2.5 teams only to test the system (getting ready to go paperless) Hopefully this will be implemented for all levels for the Fall 2023 Season. Janet Simonetti will conduct the training for the 2.5 captains.

2.Nancy Pratt asks a question about a player subbing more than 3 times. The WSL Rule Book states that a player will immediately become a member of the team they subbed for.

Door Prizes were distributed by Melody Debardelaben.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Agenda WSL 2023 Spring General Meeting Agenda .pdf
Treasurer’s Report 2023 Treasurer's Report Feb.xlsx - Sheet1.pdf
Fall 2022 Winners Fall 2022 Level Winners and Runner Ups.pdf
Fall 2022 Stat Winners Fall 2022 Season 85% Stats Winners for Spring 2023 Season .pdf 2023 Move Down Requests 2023 For LC MDR Results by level List.pdf
2023 Softcourt Match Day HelperMDHelper2023 .pdf