2023 Fall Meeting Minutes


Women’s Softcourt League of Birmingham
Fall General Meeting
August 24, 2023

The Women’s Softcourt League of Birmingham held the Fall General Meeting on Thursday, August 24, 2023 at 9:30 am at Mountain Brook Club. All Club Representatives were present or represented. Greystone YMCA representative collected her folder package and left. All Level Coordinators were present except Level 2.5. All Officers were present except the Treasurer. There were 26 Members in attendance for the formal meeting including officers.

President, Cindy Speake, welcomed everyone to the meeting, introduced the officers and called the meeting to order. Samantha Ebert, Secretary, called roll and asked if there was a motion to approve the minutes from the Spring Meeting as posted on the website. Motion made to accept minutes by Janet Simonetti, seconded by Annemarie Wilson and approved unanimously.

Secretary, Samantha Ebert, presented the financial report (attached). We began the Spring season with $9,133. Total expenses were $6,856.05-executive meetings $131.84, Spring meeting $659.23, Spring prizes $5,346.78, printing/supplies $618.21, website upgrades $99.99. Spring 2023 team fees collected (111 x $70) $7,770. Cash balance 8/24/2023 is $10,046.95. A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Cindy Speake, seconded by Janet Simonetti, and approved unanimously.

Cindy Speake, President, announced winners and the runner’s up for the Spring 2023 season. Prizes were delivered to clubs prior to the meeting. Prizes were logo towels and canvas bags.

Julie Cundiff, Vice-President, reported that we have 111 teams, 1,266 players, and which 3.0 and 4.0 levels have 2 divisions. The schedules have been entered to the website and are now final. The season will begin on Tuesday, September 5th (day after Labor Day) and finish all matches by November 16th.

Julie reminded club representatives that strength rosters must be in by midnight September 4th, even if the team's first week is a Bye. Everyone on the team roster must be on the strength roster; every court must have players listed on them (minimum of 2 per doubles court.) If a player is sitting out the season due to stats, list them as not eligible to play on the strength roster. The “Not Eligible” category is new this season. Failure to comply will result in the first set of each court forfeited for each match played until strength roster is entered. Captain must provide a strength roster and score sheet every match. Julie reminded attendees that Team Forfeits will NOT be allowed. Position forfeits are allowed. At least 4 courts (8 sets) must be played to count as a match, which can be done with as few as 3 players (ex: 3 courts of singles and 1 court of doubles). If a Captain of a team forfeits a match, then that Captain is not allowed to play Women’s Softcourt League with any team for the
remainder of that season and the next 2 seasons (1 year).

Janet Simonetti, Past-President Advisor, reported the results from the match format survey. She thanked her committee who interviewed Club Pros and Facility Directors for their input regarding the WSL match format.
Interviews were conducted with 17 clubs. The committee asked: “Would your club like to change the WSL match format?” If the answer was yes, they followed with, “Exactly what match format would you like?” The following were suggested (note: some made several suggestions): 5 said no changes; 2 said no strength roster; 5 said shorten match time; 2 said go to USTA format; 1 asked to play 5.0 and 5.3 on different days; 7 said go to No Ad Scoring and 5 suggested other formats.
There was no consensus except the desire to reduce the length of time courts are needed for a match. Janet noted due to these findings no changes are needed to the match format.

Cindy Speake, President, thanked Janet and her task force for their efforts. Additionally, Cindy noted that after review of the 2.5 level Spring 2023 trial of paperless match reporting, paperless reporting was not a good fit for the Women’s Softcourt League.

Cindy Speake, President, had Level Coordinators stand and thanked them for their service to the Women's Softcourt League of Birmingham.

New Business
Cindy Speake, President, announced the 2023 Spring Stat Winners. 26 women made stats Singles- 11; Doubles-18; 15 moving up, 10 staying at current level but must play #1 position.

Cindy also noted that there were 4 MDR so far for Fall 2023.

Cindy Speake, directed all attendee’s attention to the Rule and Policy Change. Samantha Ebert read the rule/policy change. After discussion of the rule/policy proposal, the attendees voted by hand on the proposed change. Results follow:

Proposed change: Change from 3 to 2 consecutive seasons. Page 8 of Spring 2023 Rule Book.
Current Rule
8. Consecutive Team Wins- Any 2.5 to 5.3 team that wins first or second place 3 consecutive seasons will be subject to review by the ethics committee. The committee along with the club pro will decide what should be done.

Proposed Rule
8. Consecutive Team Wins- Any 2.5 to 5.3 team that wins first or second place 2 consecutive seasons will be subject to review by the ethics committee. The committee along with the club pro will decide what should be done.

Meredith Vinson made a motion to approve, seconded by Nancy Pratt and - the 3 to 2 consecutive seasons passed unanimously with 26 votes.

Annemarie Wilson, 5.0 Level Coordinator, discussed the need of combining the Women’s Softcourt League of Birmingham and Ladies Interclub Tennis League Facebook pages. “Birmingham Ladies Local Tennis Leagues” is the new Facebook page name. This group page is private and membership requires users to answer two questions for access. Reminders and announcements will be shared on the page.

Cindy Speake, President, announced the slate of new officers for the Executive Board. The slate proposed Meg Sullivan as Secretary and Emily Key as Treasurer. Both positions begin on January 1, 2024. Janet Simonetti made a motion to approve the slate and Annemarie Wilson seconded. The slate passed unanimously.

Cindy Speake, President, thanked Janet Simonetti & Melody DeBardelaben for their service to the Women’s Softcourt League of Birmingham. Both ladies served for 4 years.
Door Prizes were distributed

The meeting was adjourned at 10:11 a.m.

Treasurer’s Report
Fall 2023 Level Coordinators
Spring 2023 Winners
Spring 2023 Stat Winners
Proposed Rule Changes
2023 Softcourt Match Day Helper